Blair Hamilton – Evacuation Plan

Core Studios in my opinion is one of the best studios I have ever stepped foot and recorded in. With an extremely clean and welcoming environment, there is a sense of pride in more than just the music. Both Nik and Dylan are not only extremely professional in what they do, they are all round genuine guys. Catering to whatever it is you need, you can go in and know that no matter what you bring in to the guys at core studios, it will be done at an incredibly high standard.

Without any second thought, I have and will continue to recommend Core studios as the place to go to hear your music reach its full potential and be the best it can be.

Thank you guys for what you do.

Phyl Skuthorpe – Kobrakai

Nik is a great dude who knows his stuff. Supportive, talented and creative. Brings out the best in ya during the recording process. Can’t rate highly enough.

Lee Davison – In Ashes

Core studios provides a comfortable atmosphere which helps make the often stressful task of tracking an album much easier. Nik’s knowledge of his equipment and skills as a producer ensure you will get the most out of your songs and the highest quality of sound. He is adaptable to different recording styles to suit what you are used to while offering alternatives to ensure the best result. Nik is a great guy to work with and I high recommend him for your recording needs.

Nate Rose – In Ashes

A great experience tracking the new In Ashes record with Nik. He brought a lot of experience with producing and engineering our record, getting the best out of every member as well as throwing in his own little ideas to bring out the best in the songs. We couldn’t be any more happy with the final product. So much respect for Nik and Core Studios, looking forward to heading back for album #2

Colin Jeffs – Aversions Crown

All vocals for the second Aversions Crown full length album were recorded with Nik Carpenter at Core Studios on the Gold Coast. This experience was a very pleasant one for myself as Nik was not only extremely professional but also very accommodating and patient with me over the whole process, i feel as though he pushed me to get the absolute best out of my voice but never overstepped the boundaries into making me do things i was uncomfortable with. I felt as though i could be myself around him and really talk about my ideas openly without feeling they might be criticized. Nik was an absolute asset to the vocals on this album as a lot of his own ideas proved to be invaluable and are in fact some of the key highlights on the album in terms of vocals phrasing, delivery and even lyric concepts and ideas. I have since recorded several guest spots for other bands with Nik and will always make it my first choice to recorded with him if i should ever pursue any musical endeavours in the future.

Josh Hobbins – The Matador, In Ashes.

The best studio on the GC hands down. Do yourself a favour for your next record and head to Core \m/

Ryan Creighton – The Matador

The Matador recorded Destroyer at both the old and new core studios. We had a great time and loved the experience. The thing about Nik is, he is apart of the band whist you’re recording, not just there to process.
It just felt really welcoming at Core & with Nik, and we are very proud of the product that we created.

Danika Ruohonen – In Death

Nik had not only the technical knowledge and skills but also the interpersonal skills to get our personal best out of each of us. He was efficient and professional, objective and non-judgemental and a lot of fun to work with. Highly recommend, awesome experience.

Ben McKay – In Death

Pro set up. Drums sounded amazing.
Nic is legit 100 and the chicken/gravy rolls up the road are the bomb diggity.
Will not go any where else.

Alex Nisiriou – Chronolyth

“Nik has worked with us each step of the way since our debut album. Having recently returned to him for our second effort, Nik not only stepped up his game as he became familiar with the sound we wanted to achieve, but he knew exactly how to get the most out of our performance too.
As a producer, he is very responsive to an artist’s ideas but honest as to making them work to their fullest potential without warping the original vision. I do not believe anybody else could have achieved a result so much bigger than we ever had in mind to begin with other than the man behind Core Studios.

Rory Swane – Helm, Misdirection.

I’ve never felt as comfortable in a studio than I have done with Nik and Core Studios. Can and do highly recommend to anyone looking at studios to record their next record!

Adrian Rosa – Caetera

Nik from Core Studios on the Gold Coast is a superb and very talented engineer. We recorded our EP with him and not only did he perfect our sound as an engineer but took on a very producer style role, helping us along with ideas and sounds. Definitely will be back! Can’t speak highly enough!

Antz Munkrel – PLD, Ward 69.

I used to run a licensing record label – most of our bands recorded here, if they didn’t I usually tried to talk them into it. Our recordings got very high praise (once a radio producer from Melbourne rang me personally telling me that The Crisis Therapy was the best hardcore/metal she had heard). Highly recommended for modern metal bands, all bands sound good who have recorded here, however if it’s a sharp and heavy sound you’re after this is the place. Have recorded with Carpo a couple of times personally. 5 stars.

Nick Blom – The Silencio

My band ‘The Silencio’ recently spent 2 weeks at Core Studios with Nik Carpenter recording our latest album ‘Anathema’. Throughout the recording process we couldn’t have been more pleased with Nik’s work ethic and his role as producer/engineer. We all felt very much at home in the studio with him and were able to get through the creative process quite easily. His feedback towards our songs and creative input has been very much valued particularly for myself when it came to the vocal process and factoring in different harmonies. I walked away feeling as though I learned more about my voice and my capabilities as a musician. I would highly recommend any band (no matter the genre) to consider Nik and Core Studios for their upcoming recordings.

Jan Nicholas Blom Vocals/Guitar (The Silencio)

The Matador

The Matador recorded Destroyer at Core studios………..but let’s go back to the start.

After some switching and finding some new replacement musicians we initially were rehearsing at core studios alongside a great bunch of bands. Once we had the changes all set and we were back to writing we had many conversations with Nik about music and albums we were into and what we were try to write etc.
We decided that the next lot of songs we were ready to record. We felt that there was no one else who understood what we wanted to do with this record. Not only is Nik a good mate and all time legend, but in our minds is an outstanding musician.

Nik already had in his mind a step by step process to attack this project and after we had a meeting and revised our pre pro session we all felt at ease and knew that this was the right choice. Nik made it clear in the very beginning that our recording takes where not to be “perfect”, but to have some type of emotion. Whilst this may have been somewhat enduring for each session or day, we came to understand and felt at ease as time went on.
I guess he made us all comfortable and pushed us in the same sense which obviously makes his way of not only recording and capturing that best takes we had, but also the producer that is not easily distracted with our ongoing rants of comedian like bullshit. That typically happens every ten minutes. To push people in a way that is objective and on point is a process that credits his character as we didn’t feel any direction/ idea was unachievable. Whilst most ideas are set up to fail we enjoyed the ideas and felt great about exploring possibilities.

Nik also contacted and Kurt Ballou and Allan Douches for mixing and mastering to ensure we not only had the best product that was self-gratifying, but to also push our sound to professional level of production. Many times we had to pinch ourselves hearing mixes come back and ask each other “is this actually happening.”

Like all bands or musicians the recording process is always a somewhat anxious process. As you practise and write and rewrite and practise and rewrite these songs over and over until you become so attached to them. All the while wondering how the end product will turn out. At Core Studios this was somewhat relieving when you record with Nik. Not only is the equipment and personal up to a world standard, but the knowledge and freedom of recording at a level of understanding and a nurturing way make the anxiety fall to the way side and let you preform the way you are meant to do in the first place. While also allowing you freedom to create at the same time. This is not only a reference, but a testament and statement of gratitude and thanks.

The Black Swamp

After playing live without a release to our name for near on two years we contacted Nik at Core Studios to produce, track and mix The Black Swamp’s first release. In hind sight naming the EP ‘Foulness’ maybe wasn’t such a good choice. We were probably expecting to create a typically slurred and flawed debut release. What eventuated, to us and many who’ve commented about the record since, was a well polished and punchy short player with a soundscape befitting a band far more advanced in their catalogue.

Nik bought in to what we were trying to achieve from the get go. He put some time into understanding what we wanted to sound like. We asked Nik to use a few recording and mixing techniques that are not so common place or ‘old school’ in the metal genre and to Nik’s credit he still managed to achieve a big sound for us despite the limitations and reservations we had set about double tracking, layering and editing. The mic selections, gear selections and effects were all tailored by Nik to achieve the sound we’d discussed with him from the inception. A real plus to our experience was the production value he brought to the table. With each instrument of the tracking process we found time to explore a few ideas and often times these created some stand out moments on the record.

Having a small background in audio engineering myself I can understand how important the mood of a recording session can be. Even in some tedious moments Nik was determined to track the best take possible and encouraged and challenged us to better performances. We’d prepared the songs fairly well so to have an attentive ear scrutinise the smaller details and finer accents, it really helped push the record up that final notch.

Jesse Kenny, TBS

Trickey – Lynchmada, A Breach of Silence

“There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a studio and automatically feel at home. Nik Carpenter at Core Studios hasn’t only built this feeling into the room, but brings it with his laid back yet experienced approach to tracking. I wouldn’t only put him as the best engineer I have worked with, but his input from a producing standpoint is stellar. Being able to guide a musician through their takes to get the best performance needed for the product is a skill money can’t buy. Nik Carpenter and Core Studios is the ultimate combination to walk away with a world class product at an affordable price.”


Nathan Wyner – A Secret Death

I’ve recorded with Nik at Core Studios many times. He’s always been great to work with and has an extremely high level of patience when dealing with me and my drunk arse. I’ve always felt comfortable recording there and Nik always gets the best out of me. 6 out of 5 stars from me

United Vibes

We have known Nik for many years and some things about him just never change. His professionalism, attention to detail and crisp, clean sounds are next to none and has always recorded and produced our material as a laid back and friendly guy. We are recording our upcoming album with Nik and we have no doubt that our album expections will be met with quality and professionalism. Nik has always been an awesome producer in the eyes of United Vibes and always will be! Thanks mate

United Vibes

Soul Scrape

In 2007 SoulScrape had the privilege of spending 10 days recording our debut album March through Darkness with Nik Carpenter at Core Studios. Nik Carpenter achieved the exact sound SoulScrape wanted our record to sound like and more. Not only is Nik an amazing engineer he’s a genuine down to earth person who is so easy to work with and he always pushes in a positive way to bring out the best in each band member throughout the duration of each session. Nik’s professionalism and dedication to his work is second to none thanks for everything mate.


Eternal Torment

We recently recorded our Debut Album with Nik at CORE Studios and wanted to express our gratitude for his great service and all his hard work. Nik represented our band and music perfectly and we felt compelled to write in and put up a testimonial for any other bands who are looking around for a studio and deciding who to record with.

When we were deciding to record our first single, we wanted to work with someone that could help us get our music sounding as good as the bands we like to listen to. we wanted to at least sound like a band that was serious about our music and we needed a recording to help us get our crucial first gigs.

Nic takes a lot of pride in his work and he has a great knack for engineering. I have spent many hours pulling drum and guitar sounds in a variety of studios with numerous engineers and Nik has a talent for working with natural accousitcs, microphones and a fantastic grasp on the big picture when it comes to a realistic, raw stereo image of a band.

Once we did our first single and gained the confidence that we were absolutely getting the sound we were after, we locked in a further 4 songs and repeated the process to complete our EP.

Testament to Niks handle on the equipment and his production capabilities we were able to ‘tag’ our original single ‘Let The Humans Die’ to the ‘Descent Into Madness’ EP and it impossible to tell it was recorded seperately! Have a listen for yourself! see if you can tell the difference between ‘Let the Humans Die’ and the rest of the songs…


As a producer Nik allowed us to add our own ‘Twist’ to his formula, he let us drive a ‘classic death metal’ sound into our dynamic but still keep it sounding modern and huge!

Needless to say we are very happy with the result and intend to return and record our full length album early next year.

Thank you Nik!

All the best,