Welcome to 2022!

Happy new year to you all!

2021 was a huge year on many levels, so much going on in the studio and in life in general for us all.

Started off the year with Eternal Torment putting down a new single, which then turned into creating a huge full length album, out this year!

Insect came in to record their debut single, hitting over 10,000 streams, which brought them back in to put down 2 brand new tracks set for release now!

PistonFist started work on their debut full Length, releasing a bunch of singles through the year, playing prime time TV, and full album out 2022! Rock n roll!

Kaosphere spent plenty of time in the studio through the year perfecting their solid debut full length, out this year!

Le Rays also spent some excellent days in the studio working on the debut album, along with a bunch of B sides and singles, all out this year!

OceanShores came in multiple times to put down new tracks and dropped them throughout the year!

The Scam smashed out a solid EP, staying true to their genre, out now!

Kobrakai have been in multiple times throughout the year, dropping singles along the way, and just finished up a bunch of brand new bangers!

Born Again Hypocrite Debut EP was a great project, out now, looking forward to the next record with these guys!

MONARCHY came in to record their debut EP, everyone super happy with the end product which is available everywhere!

Minus Life came back in to put down a gigantic brand new full length. A huge amount of time and effort went into this and the end product couldn’t have been better. Album out now!

Scandal Tree smashed out 3 new tracks, upping their game, came out great and out now!

Awake in Time spent a solid week putting down their brand new EP, huge songs and production, out 2022!

Level H revisited the studio for yet another single, huge and heavy, out now!

The Wretched Creatures came in and put down an awesome 3 track. Big melodies and even bigger tones. Out 2022!

And to finish off the year just perfectly, our good friendS Driven Fear came back in for a brand new single to be dropped this year, an absolute cracker!

Thanks again so much to all the amazing bands and artists for trusting me to do your records justice, and sharing these moments, creations, and joy with me, and us with the world! You are all legends!!

Nik Carpenter

Core Studios

2020, the year that was.. COVID

2020 Done!

Thanks so much to all the bands and artists that have been through this year. COVID put a spin on it like we never could have imagined and I’m super proud that we all pushed through and made the absolute most of it and didn’t let it hold us back from the things we love doing! Big thanks to Jimmy Alexander for joining the team, his amazing work, and the hours of in depth discussions and laughing at me constantly. It’s always so great to meet so many new people and create music together, it really is quite a special thing. Some of the bands and artists we had the pleasure of working with this year..Club Roulette, Fun With Explosives, The Silencio, Emma Ballard, Level H, Brett Hammond, OceanShores, Kobrakai, Kaosphere, Beni Ballista, Sunset Junkies, The Aunties, The Comfort, Jonny Craig, Fang, Pray, Eternal Torment, South of Sideways, Nonberk, LeRays..Thanks so much to you all, look forward to having you all back in the studio, and to everything next year has in store for us. Be safe, be kind, enjoy! Nik Carpenter.

Welcome, Jimmy Alexander!

We are super happy and excited to announce the joining of forces with rising star Producer, Engineer and Songwriter Jimmy Alexander as he moves into the producers chair here at Core Studios.

Jimmy Alexander – Songwriting, production, mixing & mastering.

When Jimmy is not touring as the vocalist for ‘Awaken I Am’, he is a full time producer who works internationally with acclaimed artists across multiple genres. His passion for creative songwriting and superior audio production can be heard through hundreds of songs, some reaching US charts including Billboard, with over 10 Million streams. Jimmy continues to provide world class recordings to artists around the globe with Core Studios his new creative home!

Studio Update! 17/3/2020

I’ve been asked a lot lately “what’s been happening?” So here it is, a lot of this! I love the tracking and producing side of making albums, but then having this zen time to hone in on the mix process is the perfect blend.

After spending many days tracking and many more hours on the mix, The Scourge Of Suffering album is complete and ready to be released. Super rad album, excellent dudes, brutal!

Fun With Explosives EP is all finished up, mixed and mastered, loved putting it together with the guys and it came out perfect!
OceanShores tracks have come out so good, everyone is super stoked so there will be more to come soon after!
Brett Hammonds solo EP is in its final stages of mixing, sounding amazing, very exciting for him and his fans!
Kaospheres brand new tracks are sounding sweet and more new ones to come after these releases.
The Silencio’s new album is complete and an original masterpiece. Such a great process start to finish and everyone is very happy!
A few other smaller projects in amongst these..
Emma Ballard, XZEL, a new Level H Single which will please many, Jesse Swamps new solo project, Beni Ballista, Neil Kobrakai new project, and much more! #corestudios


Studio Update! 10/10/2019

Hello everyone!
It’s been crazy busy lately here at Core Studios so I thought I’d take a short break and head to Bali to relax and reflect 😊
Here’s what’s happening in the studio right now!..
The Silencio have spent a solid month recording their highly anticipated new album. After their latest single ‘Same but Different’, also recorded and produced by Nik Carpenter at Core Studios/Records, scored prime time rotation on Triple J, the band wasted no time in getting their new album written and back into the studio getting it all recorded. Production is complete and mixing has begun!
Hurricanes and Echoes – One year After their debut EP was recorded and released, the boys returned to the studio to follow up with a banging brand new single. In final stages now and out very soon. Check out ‘Covered in Snow’ on all platforms!
Brett Hammond

s Debut solo EP is completed tracking stage, and the mix has begun. A great solid effort from Brett and long awaited!


– If you like a taste of doom then you’ll feast on this release. Solid, big, slow and heavy, the guys debut their first two tracks for your taste buds.

Terror Parade

Have been spending time in the studio getting down some brand new tracks for release, final mixes soon to send to master. Check them out!


have returned to begin working on their next release. Chunky new tracks, stepping up a notch from their last record. Out soon!

Level H

– After recording their fist single earlier in the year and being so happy with it, they came back in to turn their debut release into an Ep. Technical and heavy yet melodic with light and shade in all the right spots. Finishing this up now and out soon!

What’s to come! Aside from mixing all these projects.. The next records to finish off the year..
Kobrakai – EP
Danse Macabre – EP
Scorge Of Suffering – Album
Fun With Explosives -EP
All enquires feel free do DM right here.

Core Records Signs exclusive multi album deal with Paige Bottriell!

We are beyond excited to welcome Paige Bottriell to the core family! The stunning singer/songwriter will be releasing her debut album 2018!

2017 Studio Update!

Hey all!

So i usually do this quarterly, of half yearly, but this year has been psyco!

A massive thanks to everyone who has been through the studio and put their faith in me to produce their album, EP or singles!t

This year started on a very different note, with the signing of the amazing Paige Bottriell to Core with an exclusive multi album recording contract. We’ve been working on her Debut album behind the scenes and are deep in the middle of it. Super exciting. Check out her personal socials with her official sites being launched soon! Paige Bottriell

Bands; Lets start with Brisbanes Massic. This straight up hardcore album was an absolute pleasure. No bullshit, hard hitting, in ya face. Sounds great and having been Mastered by our good friend Alan Douches in New York, icing on the cake!

My good buddies Myrtle Place have spent many fun days in the studio this year, working on a huge 20 plus songs to choose the best for their upcoming album. A solid honest album which will be out next year!

Its been a year since the Tongues EP came out, and the boys have been working hard in the shadows on the debut album! If you like honest and angry, this is for you. Coming at ya 2018!

Putting in a huge effort, the boys in No Code from Port Macquarie did their homework with solid pre production before making the trip up every weekend until their debut album was complete. Awesome work and a solid album!

Brisbane legends of extreme, Caetera, came back in to put down a new single to keep the ball rolling between their EP and their upcoming album. If you like heavy, this stuff is heavy!

Strategies have been non stop, working on song after song to get their debut EP together and out there, instantly receiving Triple J airplay, and with no slowing down are about to release their next single to follow the EP!

The dudes from Eternal Torment have completed their debut record, all ready for release with film clips and international PR agencies behind them! Straight up honest traditional death metal.

The Silencio released their anticipated new album, putting in plenty of work in and out of the studio for this one, with film clips and tours to coincide, nice work lads!

middle-earth from brisbane were very happy to finally get in to the studio to get their debut EP down after many hours of writing and pre production, and are ready to expose it to the masses!

Musical genius Brett Hammond has come out of the shadows to focus on his debut solo release. Many sessions down and many more to go!

In amongst the big albums we squeezed in an awesome calibration/single with Jan Nicholas Blom and Nathan Wyner vocalising on a Dan Maynard track titled Grin Reaper, awesome track and good fun.

DisKust, as fresh as daisies, came in and recorded their first two singles to get them out into the world! The first one has just been released!

Master hitter Daniel Trickett came back for a brand new Like Thieves Official single, and the guys have just booked more studio time!

Local Punkers Friends With The Enemy came in to put down a cover of BigWigs ‘A war inside’ for a compilation, turned out awesome!

Adam Milny Milne of Day Of Echoes came in with 2 seperate solo projects to work on. Busy busy!

Hard hitting local boys Kaosphere put in the effort to record their debut EP! Due for release in the new year with singles, clips and tours.

Brisbane metal dudes Mergatroyd also put in a solid effort to track their brand new EP. Just recently released, with plenty of shows to co-incide!

Nic Lalot and Chris Hyde from Driven Fear spent some awesome times recording their new side project ‘Le Rays’ a seriously cool Indy/surf rock 6 track EP with more summer vibes than a corona ad!

Upon a Falling Empire have begun work on their new EP by putting down their brand new single, tech, melodic, and hooky!

Worse for Wear was cool! Good times working on some brand new tracks from this brisbane trio, and something fresh for me!

Old buddies in Snake Mountain you have just recorded their new single, always good times, coming at ya soon!

And last but definitely not least, hardcore legends Driven Fear have just begun tracking material for their next album!

Thanks so much everyone, its been an awesome year.

Bookings for 2018 are open now!

Time for me to get some fresh air, sunshine, and waves, before getting back to the music!

Cheers legends! All of you!!



Core Records opens with first signing!

Core records officially opens with the first signing TONGUES! Fronted by ex aversions crown vocalist colin jeffs, this brutal debut is nothing but confronting. Musically and lyrically assaulting anything in its path.

After leaving Aversions Crown, Colin Jeffs started working on a new project. A project based around music that is raw, aggressive, and divergent of any current trends. A reflection and extension of an irate and enraged attitude. This project became Tongues, a collaboration of 5 friends from across Australia from both Nationally and internationally renowned bands with the same mindset and focus. Tongues has evolved and taken shape quickly into the monster it is today, having newly signed to Core records, releasing their debut video for the single “No Solace” on 28/10/2016 to precede their debut EP “Tongues” on “17/11/2016”

Check the Artists page and Store for more!

The Black Swamp album complete and out now!

After recording their debut EP ‘Foulness’ here at Core in 2014, The Black Swamp returned to put down their latest full length ‘I Am’. Go to the Artists page to check out the new single!

After beginning as a live act in 2012, The Black Swamp have re-hashed a sludge sound reminiscent of the 70’s and 90’s before heavy metal got all dicky with the genre divides. Live is where TBS thrives, throwing out grooves and riffs to nod heads and empty beers.

After releasing a small circulation of demo tracks in 2012 and 2013, 2014 saw the release of their debut EP ‘Foulness’ recorded Produced and Mixed by Nik Carpenter at Core Studios and an additional single not long after entitled ‘Cold Dead Hands’. ‘Foulness’ was cited as “Running not far from the same leagues as Red Fang while providing a lot less fluff and replacing it with Australian fortitude.” – Trendkill Magazine (2014) and “tons of groove and heavy as hell!” – Metal-Roos (2014). Cold Dead Hands was received well with critics also and both of the band’s official releases resulted in multiple stops on the east coast of Australia in their support.

The Swamp received warm review of their live show and were cited as having “a stage presence rivalling even more established bands, brilliant to behold.” – Murder the Dance (2013) With an underground following forming in “their own corner of the Australian Metal scene,” the band landed international support slots in 2015 starting with American southern metal supergroup Hellyeah in Brisbane. They followed the support up with another for Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row on the Gold Coast opening up their profile to a wider audience. The end of 2015 saw TBS fire up proceedings for Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society at The Tivoli in Brisbane.

2015 also saw a partnership of The Black Swamp’s second love form. Beer! After Brisbane’s Bacchus brewing company stumbled upon the band, the brewery crafted a Russian session stout named ‘The Black Swamp’ in their honour. Like the band’s music, it’s thick and heavy, (think Guiness) and became available at select shows that the band performed in.

Thematically TBS set out to inspire a beer drenched, blazing good time but underlying the lyrical content and artwork are some darker themes and imagery that the band juxtapose against their good spirited vibes.

The Swamp re entered Core Studios early 2016 to Record their debut full length ‘I Am’. Out Now and touring nationally!

In Death album complete and set for release!

Brisbanes In Death second full length is complete. Check out the first single on the Artists page!

In Death… are a 5 piece death metal group from Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in 2008 and released a self-titled E.P. the next year. In 2013 they released the E.P. “Thanatos”which was mixed and mastered by Logan Mader (Machine Head/Soulfly).
The band toured nationally and throughout the U.S.A. in the years that followed and in 2016 will release their first full length album recorded and produced by Nik Carpenter at Core Studios and mixed and mastered by “Hertz Studio Poland” (Behemoth/Decapitated/Vader). They are on the artist development roster for “The Flaming Arts” Europe and have a view to continue touring internationally.

In Ashes We Lie album complete and set for release!

The brand new In Ashes full length is done!

In Ashes (formally In Ashes We Lie) were a staple band of the North Coast Hardcore scene in the early ’00’s drawing influences from bands like Poison the Well, Shai Hulud and Hopesfall. Fast forward to the present day and In Ashes have returned after a lengthy hiatus, with a brand new album recorded and produced by Nik Carpenter at Core Studios and fresh new sound that you just can’t ignore.

Chronolyth release their highly anticipated sophomore with a huge national tour!

Chronolyth is an Australian groove/melodic death metal band from Brisbane, Queensland, formed in November 2012 by Hamish McSorley (vocals) and Alex Nisiriou (guitars). Known for their energetic live show, circle pits and strong connection with their fans, a new breed of modern metal is born. In the same month of forming and recruiting Ben Constable (guitars), Michael Gee (drums) and Jimmy Barrett (bass), the band would release their debut lead single ‘Bitter Reflection’, receiving circulated attention in Europe and Australia. ‘Bitter Reflection’ would receive extensive airplay internationally. Chronolyth’s melodic diversity and carnage displays prominently on their debut album, Sovereign (self-released – 2013). With 2 Australian headlining tours under their belt (Bitter Reflection Tour 2013, Sovereignty Australian Tour 2014), the band has taken to the road for extended periods of time. Launching them into worldwide recognition, the band would share the stage with renown acts such as Alice In Chains, DevilDriver, Gojira, Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, A Day To Remember, Suicide Silence, Testament, At The Gates, Gloryhammer, Adept and appear at Australia’s largest alternative music showcase Soundwave Festival in 2014. The band has since returned to Core Studios to record their 2nd album, due out late 2015. Recognised for their devoted fan base, the band was officially voted as #1 most requested band to support heavyweights Cradle of Filth in 2013. Fans would recognise Chronolyth for their tight and energetic live shows, fuelled by engagingly heavy yet melodic music. In an over-crowded scene where saturation is deafening, they are a band in demand of full attention and refuse to be ignored. With an honest approach and a message to deliver, Chronolyth are a force to be reckoned with.

The Year as it began

A Breach Of Silence – Leading in to the new year we had the mighty Fredrik Nordström and his family stay at the house and lay down the drums with the equally mighty Daniel Trickett for the new ABOS record. The whole thing sounds awesome, definitely looking forward to its release!

In Ashes We Lie – The debut album for In Ashes We Lie is complete! It’s been a long time coming and a long time in making but definitely worth the wait. Excellent times had by all making this record, with some guest spots from members of Knights and Driven Fear. Sounds epic, out soon!

In Death – An awesome time and all round excellent adventure was had making the new In Death record. The guys, and girl, stayed at the house and spent the days creating a monster album and the nights with red wine, pasta and jazz (so metal ;)). The first single and clip is out real soon followed by the whole beast. Check it!

Tongues – a project that started off very quietly has evolved into a now highly anticipated debut. Featuring Colin Jeffs on vocals with a carefully selected line up from around the country including guest spots from members of asecretdeath , DVSR, @promises and even myself getting in on the action. This record is going to make big waves. A crushing release.

Eternal Torment – Traditional death metal quartet Eternal torment returned to put down some brutal new material as teasers for their debut full length. Two singles, with film clips in production at present. Always a pleasure to produce and to listen to.

The Black Swamp – Another huge record, The mighty Black Swamp! Was awesome to take a ‘live’ approach with this, no click tracks, no edits, just the best takes straight down. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Check their page for studio diaries and other info.

Upon a Falling Empire – Local lads Upon a falling empire came in to put down a new single in preparation for their debut EP, came up great and out soon!

Caetera – The legend and self proclaimed veteran Todd Crikey Hansen lent his expertise to putting down the drums tracks for the new Caetera EP. The rest of the tracking went down a treat to create this brutal steamroller of a release!

The Murdering – Ex Lynchmada voice Charlie Brown brought in his new project The murdering. Solid tracks, punchy grooves. Even mastered the release here at Core. Check it out!

Myrtle Place – Sunny coast true punk champions Myrtle place came back in as they love to do to put down some new tracks for a split release. Always a pleasure!

Chronolyth – Also very awesome to see Chronolyth release the monster record we made last year followed by a seemingly never ending tour. A massive effort and a huge response, very proud.

Huge thanks to everyone I’ve had the fortune of working with, it’s been awesome, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to all the bands and artists we have booked in for the rest of the year!


Core Studios