Real life hands on practical audio production crash course!

Enrol now and receive ongoing post course support, production assessments and discounted studio rates on any project for the next 12 months!

Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars getting a basic education that gives you zero certainty of a job in the industry. For a fraction of the price you’ll get real world skills and knowledge from a real working recording studio and someone who has had number one albums, toured internationally, worked with the best producers, engineers, mastering engineers in the world , and been doing it consistently for over 15 years!

Module 1: Drum recording.

The essential backbone to any song; Drums! Its no easy feet capturing a great drum recording. Theres A LOT that goes into every aspect of this process, and we will guide you thru it teaching the fundamentals, along with tricks of the trade over decades of drum recording.

  • DAW Session set up
  • Mic placement and techniques
  • Signal flow
  • Tuning the kit
  • Channel strip settings
  • Stereo field
  • Phase alignment
  • Drum editing

Module 2: instrument and vocal recording.

Covering every other conceivable instrument recording, including vocals, Module 2 guides you through the following aspects and individual characteristics of specific instruments, teaching you how to capture them perfectly.

  • Mic placement and techniques
  • signal flow
  • Channel strip settings
  • recording techniques
  • re-amping
  • editing

Module 3: mixing:

Bringing everything together! This is where the intricacies of balance, separation, space and many mix techniques combine to glue all of our recorded instruments together seamlessly!

  • Sub groups
  • auxiliaries
  • Buss sends
  • Effects
  • Sound replacement
  • positioning
  • EQ and compression
  • To master


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