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Core Records Signs exclusive multi album deal with Paige Bottriell!


We are beyond excited to welcome Paige Bottriell to the core family! The stunning singer/songwriter will be releasing her debut album 2018!

Core Records officially opens with its first signing Tongues!


Core records officially opens with the first signing TONGUES! Fronted by ex aversions crown vocalist colin jeffs, this brutal debut is nothing but confronting. Musically and lyrically assaulting anything in its path.

After leaving Aversions Crown, Colin Jeffs started working on a new project. A project based around music that is raw, aggressive, and divergent of any current trends. A reflection and extension of an irate and enraged attitude. This project became Tongues, a collaboration of 5 friends from across Australia from both Nationally and internationally renowned bands with the same mindset and focus. Tongues has evolved and taken shape quickly into the monster it is today, having newly signed to Core records, releasing their debut video for the single “No Solace” on 28/10/2016 to precede their debut EP “Tongues” on “17/11/2016”

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Core Records

What do you get when you put 2 of the countries most notorious front men together? Australia’s newest and heaviest heavy music record label. CORE RECORDS.

The infamous Colin Jeffs (Aversions Crown) and veteran producer/musician Nik Carpenter (Devolved) have joined forces to expand Carpenters already existing recording studio into a full record label arsenal for the up and coming army of brutal bands ready to storm the globe.

Combining over 2 decades of industry knowledge and from both ends of the food chain, Jeffs and Carpenter draw from their own experience as artists dealing with large amounts of studio time, highly acclaimed albums, years of touring internationally, media/press, merchandise, distribution, fans and social media.

Providing all this as a service within the new label, the pair are dedicated to helping produce, market, distribute and expose new talent to the world.

Australia’s newest and heaviest heavy music record label is unleashed. CORE RECORDS.

After 15 years in the industry, having produced over 100 albums, fronting one of australis top metal bands, touring the globe, and coordinating everything that goes with making successful international products, Nik Carpenter has opened the doors to the next level of record production – Core Records!

Joining the team, with his own mass of knowledge and achievements is another one of australis top heavy voices Colin Jeffs. Colin left Aversions Crown in 2014 and now leads charge with Core Records and his newest project TONGUES.

With these two working together to scout for new talent and release it to the world, its an exciting time for independent artists wishing for a team to back them.